Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello again....Hello

hello, my name is julie, (most call me jules), and it has been two weeks since my last blog!!!
i can't explain it...just got so caught up making jewelry that i only read your blogs, but didn't pay any attention to mine...let me show you what creative juices were happening around here...but first..don't you love the crown earring display i picked up from tj maxx...a mere $14.99!!

a sampling of a few pair of earrings i whipped together... for those of us that like variety...and i do...we need the simple and the statement..."simple earrings" go great with "one of a kind" necklaces..."statement earrings" can stand alone...however, they also look fabulous with the cuff bracelet (that i will show later)...
close up

the hammered hoop earring...sometimes made with the center design... and other times not a thing...
the mix of metals
yummy colored stones...
and one of my most popular items...the cuff bracelet
they are super comfy and go with everything...

vintage yumminess!!! (not a real word, but definitely a feeling)

love the & silver & what girl doesn't love a rhinestone pendant!!!!
flea market pendant with gold fill chain...
another vintage pendant, mixed metals with a variety of pearls & stones...
gold fill, sterling, pearls and religious medal...
then there is the layering...LOVE...
again...mix it up...
love, making jewelry...
vintage beauty with semi precious stones, gold fill and sterling chain

doubled or...
long and layered, vintage and contemporary...

gray pearls with a vintage inspired sterling medal pendant

once again...layering, mixing...silver, gold, gun metal...vintage and contemporary. Long pieces that can be worn long...

or doubled...
okay....enough about my jewelry...this next pic has been on the back burner for about 2 1/2 years...

we have been talking about making this bench for that long...

all 17ft of she needs a coat of paint. anyone have a french blue/gray paint that they can suggest? Either that or, guess? Yup, white... have a great day to all of you wonderful friends that i have so enjoyed getting to inspire me daily.


  1. Hi Jules! Wow, you've been busy making a ton of gorgeous jewelry! Really beautiful pieces!! That bench is pretty darn awesome too! Hope you're enjoying your weekend...

    :) T

  2. Hi Jules! Your jewlery is beautiful! Love that long bench. French blue would be so pretty, but so would white, of course!

  3. wowie! YOU HAVE been busy! beautiful jewelry! It's so wonderful that you take the time to make those beautiful pieces. Oh, and it's so funny that you put the cost of the earring holder from TJ Maxx. My husband always says, "why do you have to tell everyone how much that costs??" And I said cuz girls are proud of a good deal! :)

  4. You HAVE been busy! Love your new pieces...especially the ones with the vintage medals. I have a few pieces that I am bringing to Silver Bella that have those. Love the earring holder too.

  5. I love your crown earring display! It is soo~~~~cute. You are very talented. Both the white or blue would look pretty on the bench. That's whats so great about paint is you can always change it.

  6. Thanks for stopping by to say "hi". Your jewlery is just amazingly beautiful. You do a great job. Loving the last name also. At the last sale I did a gal bought a sign I had made that said "White" and it was her last name. Very appropriate.

    Take care,


  7. Really beautiful stuff, so unique.
    Thank you so much for posting on my giveaway. Best of luck!

  8. Wow! Your jewelry is phenomenal! I am going to have to do a little browsing in your store! You had asked me about the grey paint on my nightstands. I am a fan of warm greys... the nightstands are Dovecoat by Ralph Lauren. I also painted my lower cabinets a warm grey called Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. And, my bathroom is (I think this is correct) Lamp Room Grey by Ralph Lauren. But all are warm not bluish or purplish at all. Hope your weekend is great!


  9. Jules, what a perfect name for a beautiful jewelry creator like you! Love that barn sale too! Thanks for visiting Im so glad to find you!

  10. WOW Jules, the jewelry is just amazing! You have been so busy and these are just beautiful.
    I can't even imagine the time and thought that these would take to make.
    I love that bench! What a perfect set of windows to enjoy all that beauty outside it.

  11. I LOVE your jewelry! Especially the ones with the medals and the hammered silver - beautiful!! You are a busy lady!

  12. Hi Julie! All of your things are gorgeous! I love altered jewelry. The cuffs are amazing and the rhinestone jewel pendant is to die for! Congratulations on your opening too!


  13. Those pearl cuffs are Stunning! Do you sell those in your Etsy shop? Wow Girl, Great work..My kind of girl..Jamie