Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How do you think the RV looks in front of this hotel? I say "wonderful". We decided to get a room for a couple of days. Nice clean, hot shower, that even has a shower head. A bed for Lar and I that you can actually walk around, he doesn't have to climb over me to get in. Yes, I know, it is cheating, but I am totally okay with that. Of course, the boys have to share a pull out. Jackson made a bed on the floor last night. They both prefer the RV. Soon enough, tonight is our last night here.
the flowers are amazing in town. It has been raining quite a bit which makes it super green. A lady in town said she had visited Santa Ynez and didn't understand why no one had sprinklers to water their yards. She asked us why it was so brown there in the summer. It really is beautifully green here, all the plants and yards look super healthy.
this is one of the four arches at the center of town, very interesting, don't ya think?
look at the mountain man, don't ya think he is gorgeous, I love him with a beard!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Look who escorted us out of the Grand Tetons. We felt so privileged. What a beauty.
The Grand Tetons, Wyoming. It was a beautiful drive to Jackson from Flagg Ranch. Every time Lar and I thought we had seen the most beautiful view, there was another. It is unbelievable.
another amazing view of the Grand Tetons
Does this look like a statue of a mountain goat?
As we enter Jackson, Wyoming we see this sign, the Mountain goats next to the sign are not statues, they are real. We had to stop and check them out. They just stared at us. We barely made it in time for our river rafting trip down the Snake River. We had a ball.

Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming

Yellow Stone, another one of God's gifts.
Yellow Stone National Park. First thing the boys want to do....is fish. Tons of mosquito...and grizzly. They say make loud noise to scare them so we are all singing away as we walk. Relaxing....
After a long drive we rest.
Waiting for "Old Faithful" to blow.
We catch the 6:07pm blow of "Old Faithful", it is really unusual how this all happens, but awesome.

Between Buffalo and Cody, Wyoming

Big Horn Mountains between Buffalo and Cody, Wyoming. We had not planned on going through these mountains, but we are so gald we did. They were breathe taking.
We stopped along the road for lunch in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Absolutely amazing country. We had no idea.
As we are driving we happen upon two large moose, eating and drinking. These are very large. I never realized how cute they were either.
This is a pic of a typical morning in the rv. Don't they look comfy?

Custer, South Dakota

The amazing Mount Rushmore. Very impressive.
boys enjoying the Reptile Garden.
found Henry's big brother.
our rv. This is really a great location, there was a bike trail all the way to town. The people were so nice too.
Lar and the boys
Here we are in Custer, South Dakota hanging out at our campsite. It really is beautiful here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota

Dances with Wolves. It really is a special experience to see all of these creatures roaming around together. They are so beautiful. Steph, I think you need to get one.
Wind Cave in South Dakota, amazing! 16 year old boy is the one who discovered this, in the late 1800's. Can you imagine? With a candle. 135 miles of cave so far, and they think only 5% has been discovered. The boy who first explored this cave thought he had mapped 90 miles, but had only really mapped 7 miles. They think he didn't realize he was remapping the same area. It is really dark down there when the lights are turned off. It is the 4th largest cave in the world. No creatures can live down there. phew.
What do you think? Lar's new business? Or T-shirt line?

Driving into the Wind Cave National Park, we encounter this amazing buffalo. How adorable is he. He walked alongside us and then in front of us for a bit. We enjoyed every bit of this experience. They are incredible and sound like nothing else we have heard. Lar described it like a deep groan, or fog horn. It was a beautiful sight.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We arrive in Leadville, Colorado. We go biking, gold mining and learn how to fly fish. Those pics will follow after I find Lar's camera. Beautiful country. They don't have any snakes and only one kind of spider due to the alttitude. Of course, they do have Black Bear. Oh well....just make sure to do your dishes and don't go to sleep with a candy bar when your camping.

look Mireille, no make-up!!!
So glad to be able to get out and run!!!!

Riding Bikes along Turquoise Lake in Leadville, Colorado

Lar losing to Graydon...."when did it come to this?"

Motor Home...you keep us cozy. Especially when we learn there are bear in the area! Yikes. no sleep for me!


On our way to Taos....here is Taos, New Mexico

"Come on guys, are you ready? I'm ready....get in...lets go to Taos. I love RV'ing, don't you? I have organized the entire storage area while you were brushing your teeth, I think we are all set. Get in. Julie, your coffee is right there, just like you like it. Put your set belt on."

Heading out of Santa Fe, there is a Street called "Flea Market Street". Lar, why do you suppose they call it that? Let's see....thank you Larry!

In the RV, driving to Taos, and still driving...

Between Santa Fe and Taos we stop and have lunch by a river. Look, the boys didn't realize it, but they have similar shirts on.

Here we are in Taos, New Mexico. The flowers are unbelievable.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am finally able to post again. This camping thing can be so rustic. Fun, but rustic.Here are the boys. We are having a great time. Have you seen the movie "RV", well then you will know what I mean.

We rode our bikes into the Plaza area in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fun town. We ate lunch at an amazing restaurant called Maria's. Yummy!

This pic of Lar is one of the moments that he had to work. It is true, when you are a business owner there is no completely getting away, but James (the other half of JnL glass), Derek and all the guys are awesome, thanks guys!!
Here is my adorable baby. He will always be just that. He is the youngest! When we drove through Gullap, New Mexico we went to a Navajo barber shop and this wonderful Navajo Indian woman, named Illiene gave Jackson a mohawk. She was awesome and told him that he had to do a native dance now that he had a native hair cut.

A pic of the boys and I in front of the Saint Francis in The Plaza in Santa Fe.

and Lar and Graydon in the center of the Plaza