Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On our way to is Taos, New Mexico

"Come on guys, are you ready? I'm ready....get in...lets go to Taos. I love RV'ing, don't you? I have organized the entire storage area while you were brushing your teeth, I think we are all set. Get in. Julie, your coffee is right there, just like you like it. Put your set belt on."

Heading out of Santa Fe, there is a Street called "Flea Market Street". Lar, why do you suppose they call it that? Let's see....thank you Larry!

In the RV, driving to Taos, and still driving...

Between Santa Fe and Taos we stop and have lunch by a river. Look, the boys didn't realize it, but they have similar shirts on.

Here we are in Taos, New Mexico. The flowers are unbelievable.

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