Friday, July 17, 2009

First Stop on the road to see some of the Beautiful Untied States, is the Grand Canyon, AZ

Leaving the house, only about 2hrs behind schedule...Lar is humming away. We are driving on 40 East, very long drive to Grand Canyon. Caught Graydon waking up. We stayed in Williams and road the Grand Canyon train into the park. We stayed one night in a rustic cabin. We had an amazing meal at the "El Tovar". I would recommend staying there as well. Our cabin was surrounded by 20 somethings that had an all night party. Needless to say, No Sleep! However, the beauty of the Grand Canyon is beyond words and well worth no sleep. We loved it! Hiking, sunset, sunrise, nature. We saw elk, mountain goat, condor, deer and antelope. It was spectacular. On our drive to Santa Fe we went to the Meteor Crater, and the Petrified Forest, also stopped in Gallup and a Navajo Indian gave Jackdon a faux hawk. Classic. She told him after she cut his hair that he had to do an indian dance and she would put her celebration paint on. It was great. We shopped a bit, learned some about Navajo jewelry. Beautiful pieces. Got into Santa Fe late last night. We saw an amazing thunder storm driving in. Can't wait to see the Plaza.


  1. i love the blog thanks for keeping in touch sounds like your having a great time:-) keep the pics coming

  2. Hi guys great pictures. Did you make it to the train?

  3. Hey Julie! Loved to see the pictures and hear about your adventure to date! Safe travel and have lots of fun! Susan