Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I am finally able to post again. This camping thing can be so rustic. Fun, but rustic.Here are the boys. We are having a great time. Have you seen the movie "RV", well then you will know what I mean.

We rode our bikes into the Plaza area in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fun town. We ate lunch at an amazing restaurant called Maria's. Yummy!

This pic of Lar is one of the moments that he had to work. It is true, when you are a business owner there is no completely getting away, but James (the other half of JnL glass), Derek and all the guys are awesome, thanks guys!!
Here is my adorable baby. He will always be just that. He is the youngest! When we drove through Gullap, New Mexico we went to a Navajo barber shop and this wonderful Navajo Indian woman, named Illiene gave Jackson a mohawk. She was awesome and told him that he had to do a native dance now that he had a native hair cut.

A pic of the boys and I in front of the Saint Francis in The Plaza in Santa Fe.

and Lar and Graydon in the center of the Plaza

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