Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a little addition

This was one of our summer projects...a very simple & tiny pool bath.
I am so happy with the way it turned out. For the most part, this was a very cost effective project, (I can hear my husband laughing right now, ok, other than the usual and always expensive lumber, roofing, plumbing, electrician cost and contractors labor), (notice I didn't add window, 'cus that is what my husband, we do for a living),...and like always, most of what we used was vintage, from the hardware store or something repurposed. 

One of my favorite parts of our pool bath is the sink. It was a piece I bought from heather bullard at a barn sale in Nipomo (The sale is called Remnants of the Past which is hosted by an amazingly talented lady named Judy! It is very special, and I would highly recommend going!)
The trash can is a painted basket that I thrifted, the bench I bought at a garage sale for $2.00, the mirror was $15.00 at a junk shop, the faucet is a hose bib, (since it is a pool bath there is only cold water)...soap on a rope from etsy, the brackets for shelf and towel rod and hook, all hardware store....super inexpensive! 
We just left the concrete floors exposed.
Oh, and the wood used for door and shelf are our business partners old fence wood! So glad he wanted a new fence...I have gotten tons of mileage out of his old fence wood!

 The little latch hook is from the hardware store, door brackets too, as is the toilet paper holder. The door handle is a tiny green glass cabinet knob that we had left over. The hook on the back of the door is from a cute little local store called Picket Fences in Solvang.

The light fixture is from Ikea. Between the electrical part and the paper lantern it cost around $10.00 I believe. Love it. I can also change out the paper lantern part any time I want! Then there is the old military locker from the Rose Bowl, we paid about $100.00 for that. It fit perfectly next to the toilet and now holds stuff like extra toilet paper, sunscreen, ping pong paddles and balls, water balloons perfectly! The only thing I have left, is to make a cute little window treatment!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New jewerly

 Can't wait to make more of these!

  summer has definitely kept me busy, but not real productive. Sadly, I have barely used my cottage (studio) at all. 
As of tomorrow, both boys will be back to school, and I am hoping that means more creative time in the cottage. Certainly, it means fewer distractions....altho, there is laundry, cleaning, cooking, and maybe working out????

Saturday, August 28, 2010

did it make any difference?

with all the work that was put into sanding and painting, not to mention the money I spent on supplies, did it improve this piece at all?

I was tired of the light green, faux distressed look...not that I don't like that, because I do...it's just that I have had this piece for 15 years and I was trying to breath new life into it...
but the funny thing is...I don't know that there is a huge difference in the before and after. Can you tell?

Monday, August 16, 2010

The leopard chaise....

made it out of storage!!!! I finally made room for her!Don't know why it took me so long...this is my favorite Thrift store find...of course she didn't look like this when we got her. She was all tattered and torn...it was about 10 years ago that I first laid eyes on her. She was featured in the thrift store window. Went in to buy her, only they said she was a "real" french chaise that a dealer told them should sell for nothing less then $*%@x#! Ouch! I left with my dreams squashed! Told my husband about it when I got home, and three days later....it was my valentines present! He surprised me with her! Covered her in leopard and have loved her ever since....
only, when we moved into this house, I could not find a place for her...she had always been in our bedroom, but I had this new "old" french couch I really wanted to use, so she kind of got replaced with a couch!!
I think she found her new spot now...she is in our tiny sitting room...I like it even better than having her in the bedroom, 'cus now I see her all day long!