Monday, August 30, 2010

New jewerly

 Can't wait to make more of these!

  summer has definitely kept me busy, but not real productive. Sadly, I have barely used my cottage (studio) at all. 
As of tomorrow, both boys will be back to school, and I am hoping that means more creative time in the cottage. Certainly, it means fewer distractions....altho, there is laundry, cleaning, cooking, and maybe working out????


  1. These pieces are beautiful....Have enjoyed visiting your blog this evening. I came over from the Pleated Poppy to see your "What I Wore Wednesday" post. Love your style..

  2. Jules,
    Where can you buy your jewelry on-line? Are you on etsy? I love your new bracelets and would love to buy some of your stuff. Please share your beautiful jewelry with your far away readers!

  3. hi Patti, I do have an empty etsy store...sorry, I need to work on that...lately, I have just been selling to my local boutiques....
    you can email me (, and I can send you info on my jewelry...have a great day, and thanks for the compliments!