Monday, October 12, 2009

Remnants of the Past Barn Sale!

and what a great sale it was!amazing people, all so friendly
perfect fall day & location
and for me...well, I love that my guy can enjoy this with me...he even took over photographing so that I could focus on the stuff!
This is Judy Watkins, responsible for the event. She is so "over the top" talented and extremely nice to boot. Check out her stuff and definitely get on her mailing list. Her site is you will love it.
This is me going gaga over everything that Judy had! I managed to score a few of her finds to take home!
Lar loved this!
aaaaaahhhhhh, white goodness
and again...
Heather Bullard and her lovely husband. I have followed Heather for quite some time, so for me to actually meet her was a special treat. She is absolutely adorable and the way she displays her treasures is fabulous. She creates eye candy. I love the treats I bought from Heather. Now I just need her to come and help me put it all together!
Heather, thank you for being so sweet. You are amazingly talented and so down to earth.

Fun lighting
This space was amazing, Bungalow from Fair Oaks, California
Running into friends. This is Debbie, one of the Picket Fences girls from Solvang, California. It is one of my favorite stores. The girls are so sweet and they have an amazing eye for all the fun stuff you just can't live without once you have seen it.
One regret of the day...I left without picking up a couple of these beauties. Plum forgot....
more fabulous

This dog hung out amongst all the excitement, looking so french...
one of he sweet ladies who was selling at the show, Melissa Blue. I bought this adorable birdbath to put in the rose garden in the back of my cottage
more goodness
scored that cute white chippy table and a pair of arched screen doors from this gal. She said this is her after hours job, she also works a full time job and has a family...I don't know how some women can do it all...I barely keep my etsy site stocked with anything new, I just keep it. Note to self: improve business tactics....
inside the barn was magical
Susan from Design Consign in Santa Ynez, California. She is super talented and has an amazing store. So fun to run into so many familiar faces

Sandy Linderman on the left and Sidney Muncy on the right. These are some richly talented women. I got a great old show rack from them. Love their energy...they were headed to the Rose Bowl the next day...I can relate....
Creative masterpieces everywhere
Sorrenson Farms Antiques...bought my first metal glider from this darling lady
space after space of vintage perfection
being the jewelry girl, I am always trying to find new ways to display my stuff. This woman had a bunch of great stuff

but nothing made me happier than to finally see this dress form...and it didn't have a tag with "NFS" on it!
She is now mine!!!!!!
loving this

finally, the boys...oh did I mention the boys were with Lar and I...they were so patient....but after 3 hours...they were ready....So we took our smalls and decided to take them to do something fun...we would come back for the other stuff...

a few photos of the property on our way out....

Downtown Arryo Grande for some fun...guess what the boys wanted to do...go to an antique mall to look for their treasures...old coins, old toy soldiers and war medals...they have been influenced

Some yummy Italian food at Gina's
Then back to the barn sale to load up all the yummy finds of the day
Lar, Graydon and Jackson....your the best!!!!

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful day. Perfect sale and day with your family. It's so great that your husband enjoys this with you. And so neat that your boys enjoy the "hunt" for old things, too. Your hubs took awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing your day with us. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. are you going to fit a daybed anywhere???
    look at all your cool finds.

  3. Jules, Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Looks like you really got some amazing things - your pictures made me miss the west coast more than ever! What a great sale!!! Love your blog and now off to check out your etsy site! Have a splendid day....Jill

  4. What an amazing day!! You had the most wonderful finds - lucky girl! OK, next sale, I'm making the drive down!!

  5. What a fun post. My feet are killing me just watching you shop this great sale. Tell sweet hubby that he did beautifully with the pics!

  6. What a fun sale! I wish I could have been there. When I am doing a show I am so intense at getting my spot ready I never take time to enjoy all the vendors! I will definitely work on that!
    You got some wonderful treasures.
    You would love Terri's workshops. She said she is doing another art camp in April

  7. Drooling!!! First of all I think Judy is amazing and so sweet!!! The show looks incredible and you found so many gorgeous treasures. Isn't it nice when our men go with us!

  8. Seriously jealous over here! It all looks so amazing and I would LOVE to go!! And, BTW, you look fabulous in every single picture!!!

    :) T

  9. Oh my...this place looks like heaven to me! Too many wonderful things to even begin to be specific. It is a long trip from Texas, but looks like it would be well worth the trip. Thanks for is 10:30pm and I want to go shopping now!

  10. that is my favorite way to spend the day!! and your outfit was so cute!

  11. Hi Jules,

    Thank you so much for stopping by! Wow you are a talented lady I love your jewelry its stunning and quite my style. Can't wait to see more of your amazing talent!

    Have a great week