Saturday, October 3, 2009

oh to be young again....

Now, when I was young, about a hundred years ago, we used to "tp" someones house if we didn't like them,(isn't that sad).
Now adays, you "tp" your closest buddies, cousins...
funny enough, I happen to bust them in the act...I came home from a friends bday dinner and what do I see? A car sitting outside of our gate...hmmm, busted!
I came in, told the boys and their buddy spending the night...they bolted out and caught up with the culprits.
that was funny until they unfortunately talked me into driving them out to retaliate... we were out doing that until 12:30am, can we say "tired"
now we just have to wait for this stuff to you think it would be okay to recycle seems such a waste.

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