Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lighting...a kitty & my pumkins

Trying to find some new "old" lighting for my cottage and started to appreciate the lighting in my house again.

I had so much fun buying on ebay
and the Rose Bowl
awe...the sconce is next to an oil that my mother in law painted...really miss her
Then there is the lighting from Sundance, great for my desk
and even some contemporary track lighting next to my biggest Rose Bowl purchase ever
of course there is a bit of Anthropologie in the hall
more ebay in the master
and again
my bathroom sink lighting...Sundance
then there is the tub lighting

found this one in Augoura, like my makeshift window treatment?

Then there is Miss Isabelle...naughty girl stayed out all night and now she is exhausted!
and finally...my only fall decorations. A few pumpkins on the table... we need to get cracking. However, before I do that...I am going to drag Mr. White to the "Remnants of the Past" Antique Show in Nimpomo on Saturday. That is where I found the two chandeliers over my table...looooove them so much...wish me luck!


  1. i love it all...
    but i really think you need a daybed.
    just saying...

  2. I Love, love it all! I was checking in and saw you had become a follower of mine! THANK YOU! I always get so excited when I get a chance to meet a new friend...Have a wonderful week...dj

  3. oh my gosh...are you serious???!!! Your lighting is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

  4. Hi Jules, thanks for coming by and joining in for the give-away. so nice to meet you. Love all your lighting and I think you made a great decision about your porch. I think it will be awesome. Saw you post about Casting Crowns and Matt Redmon. I have been a fan of his since he started out! I just love your blog! I tried to sign up as a follower, but it wouldn't let me, so I'll try again. Have a great week!

  5. wowza!! that is a spectacular collection of really cool fixtures! love it!

  6. oooh love the tub, just love it and all the lighting

    and the fall decs are so simple and gorgeous!

  7. I love the crystal light fixtures!

  8. your house is so cute! so super duper cute!

  9. It was so nice meeting you and your husband yesterday at the show. Hope to see you in the spring. I am now packing and getting ready to do the CALM show this week. God Bless! Judy

  10. Ooooo, Oooooo! I'm a chandelier girl too! I LOVE all of them. Love your house!