Wednesday, November 4, 2009

chicken shopping

since the kids were off with friends...lar and i decided to take a drive north to check out the coyote ridge ranch in search of chickens. some couples might go get a massage, or have a lovely wine lunch, but not us...we were super excited to see this place...who doesn't get excited about a chicken farm...
it was a beautiful drive, romantic right?
and when we arrived, we both wished we had the boys with was great...
so many adorable farm friends...all the sweet little faces one could hope for, baby goats, puppies and just about any type of fowl you could imagine....there was an amazing variety of chickens, we had a tough time deciding...but after an hour we finally settled on 15...some of the exotics i really wanted were not available until we may be adding to our flock, but the 15 we took home are adorable

this is "chicken larry", he and his wife diane, who goes by the name "henny penny", own coyote ridge ranch, and boy are they knowledgeable. diane was busy getting her eggs ready for farmer's market...
just look at their beautiful, organic eggs!!!!!

back at our homestead....isabelle, our kitty, is welcoming her new fowl friends...she actually likes our Daisy, the "one and only" chicken that we have had. notice, the chickens came home to live in a dog run....poor chickens

however, do not worry, we are in the process of building a chicken resort....ya who!

this puffy girl can't wait
and silkie girl is just beside herself to have her own suite....

on another note...i am not only focusing on getting to know my new chicken friends, i am also getting ready for a boutique sale at the opening of "my cottage". steph, my good friend, who i do all jewelry stuff with, (except etsy, she is not into that or blogging), and i are preparing for our Christmas show. this will be the first in my newly remodeled cottage. we are hosting it on Dec. 11th & 12th, so if your in the area pop in....ends up being great girls time....
hope i didn't bore you with my chickens...and of course, if i didn' can see more about chicken larry and henny penny's coyote ridge ranch on their site...lots of info about chickens have a great day!!!!!!


  1. Julie,

    Thank you for complimenting my blog. Yours is lovely too.

    Jill xoo

  2. Jules, you could never bore me with the talk of chickens. I used to have 20 wonderful hens when nmy children were small. I want chickens again so bad, but for now can only dream and enjoy your sweet things.
    That is some chicken resort you guys are building.

  3. Jules,
    Great post my father in law has chickens and one happy rooster. They are fun to watch and how they wander around. Sending the best wishes for a great show in December!

    Have a great week


  4. I love your puffy chicken. I love all the exotic hens that I see at the fairs.
    Good luck with your sale. You make beautiful things.

  5. When I was little, my grandparents had chickens and I loved going out with my grandpa and collecting the eggs. It was so much fun...until the rooster got after me one day! He chased me and I have been sceptical of chickens since. Just a childhood drama story for you...ha!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful "chick trip". I love hearing about them and just love to see them. I think chickens are just the cutest. Boy, they are some lucky little gals, getting to have a fabulous new home on the way.
    Your jewelry is gorgeous and so original, just love it!
    Check out the blog "Mammabellarte". She has some cuties herself. (chickens that is, not jewelry) ha ha!

  7. I think going to get chickens sounds like a PERFECT way to spend your time! I would love to have chickens...and my own fresh organic eggs!

    Good luck with your show Jules, your jewelry is beautiful!!!

    :) T

  8. I'm so loving the goat and pic of all the organic eggs! What a gorgeous bounty!

    PS Your jewelry is FABULOUS!!!

  9. Fun! My kids liked looking at the pictures. (I did too). :)
    Thank you for the comment on my blog...Some days are better than others...
    Hope the show goes well. Your jewelry is beautiful!

  10. I just love her name!!! I adore your dress form!!! I hope your holiday show is a huge success!!

  11. I know for a fact that your show will rock.
    just rock.
    p.s. i want some chickens...

  12. you are a very busy girl indeed! I think your date sounds so fun and romantic! How needs ordinary anyways?

  13. Hi Jules, so glad you dropped in and I got to visit. Your Jewelry is Gorgeous, Wow..Love the chickens too, I would Love to see the look on my neighbors face if I had a few chickens in my back yard! I'm off to look around some more, have a Great week, Jamie

  14. Hi Jules! We were in the group that got anxious and went into the flea market early. ;-) So, I never really met you. Wasn't it amazing? I'm home early today from Jury Duty and hope to take pictures of my treasures. Thanks for stopping by to visit. I did visit you last night, but didn't comment. I hope to see your finds soon, too.

    Karen @ Elderberry Street