Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my very first "What I wore Wednesday"

I may be a bit too old to join in but here I am, jumping right in to join
Outfit #1
Heritage 1981 sweater
Seven jeans from Loehmann's ($30.00!!)
Metallic Sperry Boat Shoes  - Nordies
jewelry by jules white (me)
sorry about the horrible pic...need to work on this!
sweater forever 21
scarf is from Styles 4 Less
jeans - same seven jeans
shoes are Fyre slingbacks
both bracelets are cuffs - by jules white (me)

dress from Walmart
same seven jeans (sheesh)
clogs (because I live near Solvang)
and again all jewelry by me

Top from Style 4 Less
Jeans from a local boutique (Heaven Scent)
Shoes thrifted
jewelry by me

Other than these four outfits, I was either in workout clothes (because I had every intention), or jammies and that is not blog worthy....what did you wear this week!


  1. Love them All!! None of mine are Blog Worthy this week, too much painting and jewelry making to even pick a half way suitable outfit. I swear Im gonna do a Jammie What I wore Post one of these days...Happy Wednesday. Jamie

  2. Love your style, Jules! And I loved getting little peeks into your home - it's lovely.


  3. I love all your outfits, so well put together and they look comfortable. I love comfortable!! Thanks for the comment at my blog :)

  4. o my goodness, i love your home (from what i can see in wiww post). i am excited to check out the rest of your blog. your style is wonderful.

  5. You have great the jewelery!

  6. You look fantastic. Such great style! I know what you mean about workout clothes and good intentions. I leave my running shoes by the elliptical thinking that I might be more motivated to use it. BTW, I have two little boys so I'm always interested in meeting moms of boys. Always an adventure!

  7. Look how cute you are! So glad I found your blog. You are one talented woman. I will come back often. :)

    Melanie @ The Frosted Gardner