Monday, January 18, 2010

Girl's night out!!!!

A girl's night out to celebrate our cute girl "Mare's" birthday!!!

We all love this girl a ton!

She is one of those witty girls!!! She can make you laugh all day long...

As you can see...she also has an amazing sense of style...the girl can put an outfit together!!!

in addition to all of that...she is a great mom....and an aunt to my boys...a little Mare story in my life...when my younger son Jackson broke his leg..we came home from the hospital, and Mare had filled our fridge with groceries, put fresh flowers out and had a bunch of stuff for Jackson to keep him busy during his down time...

we all love her to pieces...

Mare, we all wish you a very happy birthday!!!!


  1. How wonderful! Sounds so fun and sending great birthday wishes her way:)

  2. Jules,
    Great photos of your girl time all of you are adorable!! Friendships are so rewarding and fill our lives with joy!! I have watched all of my girlfriends & I grow and change over time and its been good for my soul. Have a terrific week. Thanks for always leaving a sweet note.

    Warm Wishes

  3. Looks like a fun group of gals! Not to mention gorgeous! :-)