Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fresh eggs anyone?

The coup is done, and we have beautiful organic eggs!!!

This is how it looked in the went from sticks in the a cute little cottage coup...

and I think they like it...

I know I love it!

We are so enjoying them. Lar put electricity in, an automatic water dispenser, a room for hatching babies, and plenty of roosting area

Lar also added a room that is separate from their area which is for storing feed, and bedding, and he even made it so that we can lift the lid to the nesting box to grab the eggs from in here.

Here is our white puffy girl coming in to lay an egg...

Feed & bedding....

and a couple of pictures of our feathered friends....

We think this one (in pic above) is a rooster...some days he cock-a-doodle-doos

this little girl above is a silkie who is super tiny...

They all seem to be doing great...getting along really well....

So, when you come for a spell, I will make you a yummy omelet, scramble or camels eye!!!! Ok, gotta go eat, I just made myself hungry....


  1. What gorgeous hens you have! Isn't it amazing all of the different colors of eggs there are? The blue one's are gorgeous! Does all of the different colored eggs have a different taste? I always wondered.
    Have a great week!

  2. That's a pretty swank hen house! I love it!
    We just moved out to the country a couple of years ago, and are toying with the idea of raising chickens. I may just pick your brain in the near future! :-)

    Have a great week,

  3. how charming is that
    & yes
    i'm hungry now too :)

  4. Hi Jules! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I'm your 37th follower. And you have chickens! I always wanted chickens, maybe someday. I took a quick look at your sweet blog. My daughter has started making jewelry. I buy old pieces from the thrift, estate sales and garage sales. She loves it. You should start an Etsy Shop. I am real soon. I buy vintage home things.
    Happy day to you

  5. Fresh eggs - what a treat..! The coop is beautiful and its tenants look very healthy and content. Congratulations - and enjoy!


  6. Oh the chickens! It's on my Wish List for the backyard. I'm completely obsessed with hens.
    Planning a road trip to San Fran..wanna come with? Let me know. Smiles, H

  7. Oh Jules, I have always wanted chickens! What a lucky girl you are! Enjoy the omlettes!

  8. Dearest Jules,
    I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting you at Tea Cottage, the Duchess and I often attend the same royal garden parties and a greater friend and upholder of English standards I would be hard pushed to find.
    So pleased to make your acquaintance If you are ever visiting the Mother land make sure you put Brympton Towers on your list.
    Yours Susan

  9. that is so cute! You must be really enjoying it!

  10. Its done! I wish I could see it!