Sunday, December 6, 2009

when your bff has a 40th dress up.....

When one of your "favorite"
people turn go all dress in whatever theme her little heart desires...and what fun it was to be a Southern Belle...
lar was a bit late getting to the costume store...hence...he was a Yank

the hat was super uncomfortable...the night was absolutely wonderful...and i have to was quite exciting to be with the rebel (only yank) at the party...

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  1. Hello Jules darling thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving such sweet words behind, much appreciated. Wow, 51 years away from England. How did she do it? I tell you how… for the love of your father and all of you children…in your email and between words, not to mention all those lovely photos on your blog, (which is precisely the reason your blog attracted me) the love you share for your family is so apparent. I am so glad; family is the most important element of happiness. God bless you all. I am extremely glad you and I have met and I look forward to many visits in the future. Remember, afternoon tea is served at exactly half past four at my cottage!! See you then. Have a lovely day.

    Love & Hugs