Thursday, December 17, 2009

piano & acting...

this is my youngest boy jackson with his piano teacher.....monday night we kicked off the week with jackson's christmas piano recital. it was super cute.....he played joy to the world....

ok, so why are my pictures so dark? i used my flash and then even enhanced the dark photos in iphoto...any advice?
good job jackson!!!!

then last night graydon played joseph in our school christmas play...
tried to get a photo of the overhead picture...which was really beautiful

another with the overhead....mary and baby jesus....isn't that a sweet picture.....

it was a great night....a lot of beautiful singing
sorry for the less then perfect photos...but this is all i got....hope you are all having a wonderful week...even though it is incredibly busy...isn't it so exciting!!!! to do a few things before i pick up the boys from school. merry christmas.....


  1. Julie,

    Enjoyed your memories so MUCH!!!! Wishing my kids were that little again. But on to the grandchildren!!! Enjoy, Enjoy, before you know it they are grown!!Thanks again for the wonderful show in your cottage...Merry Christmas
    Love and Peace to You and Yours

  2. I remember my christmas piano recitals.

    Do you know what I do? I use picnik and click on increase exposure. It really works!