Monday, May 10, 2010

Hope your mothers day was wonderful!!!!

Mine was great!!!! Lar and the boys took me to the Rose Bowl!!!! My favorite thing to do....hunt for treasures...Jackson and I standing by the front entrance...missing Graydon who had to run back to get his money from the motor home (the only way to travel the three hour drive)! Love that my boys actually enjoy looking for cool old stuff. Graydon started to price "lawn nobes" in honor of our new landscaping that goes in on the 20th!!!!! He is rethinking this after he priced his first one and the woman told him $225.00, the look on his face was priceless!!! He says one day he will find one he can afford!!!!! Love that!!!!!
After the Rose Bowl we had a great Italian lunch in Old Town Pasedena. In honor of my cupcake sweet sweet "lawn nobe" searching Graydon gave me a gift of 16 different types....I ate six yesterday....yes, I have promised myself that today will be the day to start running far the running clothes are on....and I have only had two cupcakes....
this is from my the artwork...I will keep this forever!!!!!!!!
The coupon with the scissor...classic!!!! I think he is going to do whatever I want him to do for an entire month? Love it!!!!
Then there is the beautiful orchid my mother gave me for mothers day on Saturday. She drove over (30 min drive) to come to Jackson's baseball game and a visit. She made sure to deliver the orchid before the game so that it didn't wilt in the car. She watered it and had it waiting for me on my counter with a lovely note. So sweet...only she didn't need to water is an artificial orchid....we laughed hysterically. She still doesn't believe it isn't real....

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