Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sherry's 50th

This is my sister Sherry....she just turned 50....and so I hosted a "cupcakes & cocktails" surprise party for her. Isn't she beautiful!!!!! In real life she is only a 1/2 inch taller then me, just wanted to let you know.....

and this is when she saw her best friend Deb, who traveled from OC to be here for the surprise. Your amazing Deb!!!!

a few pics of the house before the guests arrived.... here are the amazing cupcakes from our local cupcake company "Enjoy". They have two locations up here. One is in Solvang and the other is in Los Olivos. Each week the owner, Amber, has a new cupcake menu....Some of the flavors we had for the party were Chocolate Blackberry Syrah, Chocolate Vanilla Doughnut, Banana Cream Pie, Ginger Blood Orange Chardonnay, Coconut Lime....YUMMY!

getting everything in place.....

time for important!!!! Fire, you see my wine glass by the fireplace. Can not tell you how many times I set it down and walked away only to wonder where I left it. I found it this time after taking this picture...."Oh, there it is!"

even though I knew it was a bit cold to be outside, I wanted to have this fireplace lite so that we could see it from inside. Cozy blankets and pillows on the chaise lounges, just in case someone wanted to view the stars.....

and here we are... me with Deb and my sister...

our mom with Carolee

and all our fabulous friends!!!

our other "Birthday Girl" Lori in the center. Happy Birthday cute girl!!!!!

this is a wonderful picture of the Bff's with their daughters.

and a group shot!!!!! It was a fun night.


  1. Hi Jules,
    Congrats to your sister's 50th! She doesn't even look 50. I absolutely love your home, it is so beautiful!! I would love to do a little post with a photo of your home on my blog, 15 Bella Vie. Would that be okay? Just let me know.
    Have a great week.

  2. Oh my goodness! My sister just turned 50 and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't pull together something like this!!! Shoot!

    You ALL look MAHVELOUS!!

    Happy 50th to the pretty lady! :)


  3. What a bunch of pretty women! Happy birthday to your sister! I think life got better after 50.

  4. Hi Jules,
    I just wanted you to know I just posted about your lovely house on my blog, 15 Bella Vie, if you wanted to take a look. Thanks again for allowing me to post about your gorgeous home!