Friday, September 18, 2009

Project upon project

Does anyone else ever ask themselves, "will this project ever end" or is it just us? Here are only a few of our projects, big and little. See our water tower in the middle of "no landscaping"?
A closer look at the water tower, still waiting for the metal roof.

This is my couch in my bedroom, I love this however, it is sitting under a wall of windows that are still in need of window treatments. Good thing our neighbors aren't too close. Yet, I am sure they have probably seen things that they NEVER wanted to.

Then there is this pair of amazing lamps. Yup, no lampshades. Haven't found any yet!
aren't they cute though

In spite of all the on going projects, like this picture that still needs to be hung, OR, the cottage, that I have showed you in previous post that is completely torn apart, I could certainly have real complaints, right. Life is good. Truth be told, I don't know what we would do living without "project upon project".

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  1. I would have loved that concert....and you are so awesome to do all of that for the kids. They must love to be with you.