Wednesday, September 2, 2009

our simple life...

today was the boys first day of school. i wake first, and as i walk through the house, i am happy...i see old chippy things everywhere

i wake the boys from their's time to wakey wakey
learning is on the horizen
my guys turn on their lights and rub their eyes
feed their pets, then themselves....
it is time...little man on the right, 8th grade, oh ya.
little man on the left, 6th grade, oh ya.
as for was laundry...tomorrow i clean a concrete floor in my cottage, then paint it....any tips?


  1. make your hubby do it

  2. Our school starts on Tuesday! Can't wait! I loved the opening part about you walking in your home and enjoying the scenery!

  3. cute cute! Good luck with painting ~ I am sorry I have no tips for you but I do love painted concrete :)

  4. pratt and lambert porch paint is great for concrete... love your blog... i think we love all of the same things... my store is in seattle.. i would love to see your jewelry! x pam