Monday, August 24, 2009

Our "Baby" turned "12" today!

our baby turned "12" today. I can't believe it has been 12 years. This is a picture of Jackson when he was "8". (I don't know how to scan and post, this is the oldest photo I could find on my computer of Jackson, maybe next year I can post one of his baby photos. He was an adorable baby.)
This is Jackson and his buddy having birthday sushi and eating some yummy brownie mix.
Smile boys:)
Show everyone what you are eating. Good healthy meal, don't ya think?
Happy 12th Birthday Jackson

Jackson, we love you so much, thank you for all the laughter you bring into our lives. You have been a blessing from God. Even when you run through the house in your soaking wet swim suit, dripping everywhere, just so you could grab something you forgot!!!! We love you!!!!

Secondly, and not nearly as important as my previous news, the ceilings in my studio have been primed. What do you think?


  1. Aren't boys just heavenly (most of the time that is!)? I have four and simply adore them~
    LOVE the ceilings of your studio - they are the same ceilings we have in our home and I really do think they are fabulous.
    Thank you so much for finding me so that I could find you!

  2. I've never posted on a blog before, not sure if I'm doin it right....but just had to tell you that I really enjoyed reading all of it, you are a talented writer Jules...I'm glad you make fab jewelry, but I think you need to devote some time to writing a book!