Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Before" & "After"

This is a sitting room off of our master bedroom...oops, it didn't rotate. Anyway, this is where all my jewelry supplies are being stored (if that is what you call this mess), while we create the new space for me to "create" in.
This is a portion of my never ending supply of, gems, chain, wire, pendants....
and here is more. It is so unorganized at this point. I can't wait to have my new space.
This is an old picture of our guest house that we are making "my space", I think we are calling it the "cottage". I just wanted to show you the tile and the disgusting carpet that we already tore out. We lived in this one bedroom guesthouse while we remodeled our home. It was fun with the four of us. You can see there is our bed in the living room. The boys shared the one bedroom and we all got to share the one bathroom for about a year and a half. It was worth it, and now I get to have a space to create in!!!! I am sooo excited. The next three pictures I just took. You can see we have totally gutted the inside!

This is the wonderful man that is making it all happen. I love that I caught him laying down in bed, during the afternoon...with the remote. Rest up honey, we have a floor to paint! And now for a much needed "before" & "after"....
This is me at 2pm today. I am feeling frumpy....blaaahhhhhh....I need some major help.

What do you think? Be kind, I am a bit tender these days. Only a few months shy of 45! How did that sneak up on me....

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